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Yin and Sound

Joy von Winckelmann & Eddie van Dongen

Experience Yin Yoga like never before. This unique class pairs Yin postures with a live music soundscape created by professional musicians Joy & Eddie.

Their captivating music, featuring vocals, the ethereal melodies of the handpan, and the deep resonance of singing bowls, washes over you, enhancing relaxation and guiding you deeper into each pose.

Yin postures target connective tissues, promoting flexibility and stress release.

This all-levels class is perfect for anyone seeking a profound journey of inner peace. Unwind, reconnect, and be rejuvenated by the harmonious blend of yoga and music.

Eddie van Dongen
Yin and Sound

Eddie's journey intertwines the powerful language of drums with the mindful practice of movement. He honed his skills on the conservatory drum kit, but his curiosity led him to explore the ancient world of Indian music and its profound connection between vibrations and wellbeing. This exploration ignited a passion for the handpan, an instrument that perfectly complements his drumming style. Eddie's not just a musician; he's a movement and mobility specialist. A self-proclaimed "nerd" in both music and movement, he's constantly seeking ways to integrate them for optimal health. He understands the importance of moving in a way that feels good, not just to prevent injuries, but to cultivate a sense of joy and well-being. With his infectious drumming energy and captivating handpan melodies, Eddie creates a sonic landscape that enhances the movement experience. He believes that the vibrations of music, coupled with mindful movement, can unlock a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Eddie's dedication to both music and movement makes him a valuable asset to any movement class. He's not just playing music; he's creating a transformative experience, guiding students towards a deeper connection with their bodies and minds.

Joy von Winckelmann
Yin and Sound

Joy's path to yoga began on the dance floor. Years of training at a dance academy instilled in her a deep appreciation for movement, but also the harsh realities of physical limitations. Injuries took their toll, leading Joy to discover the healing power of yoga. Unlike the rigid routines of dance, yoga resonated with Joy's philosophy of listening to your body and moving with intention. It was here that she truly found joy (no pun intended) – the joy of movement that feels good, that nourishes the body and spirit. Being a singer as well, Joy intuitively began incorporating sound healing and live music into her classes. This fusion was a revelation. The vibrations of instruments like singing bowls resonated with the body during movement, creating a truly magical experience. With over 1000 hours of yoga training under her belt, Joy is now a passionate instructor dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga, enhanced by the beauty of live music. Her classes are a unique blend of movement, music, and self-discovery, inviting students to find their own rhythm and journey towards inner peace.

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