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Voice Activation

Surya Dvorakova

Your voice has Power. It has a unique vibration and sound. It enables you to voice your needs, desires, emotions and your Truth and Essence. It connects you with the Creation itself. How would your life be different if your Voice was an authentic and truest expression of your Essence? How would you feel if what you truly desire and express were in the utmost alignment and integrity? How would it be to reconnect to the untamed powerful Voice within and let it sound freely and authentically?

Join me for 90 min. discovery journey through Voice Activation. We will start by introducing ourselves and share our intentions with each other. This way we will create an open and safe space for one another. We will then (re)connect to the body through breath and meditation, movement and sound to open the inner portal for the energy and sound to flow through naturally. Your intention will give the energy & sound direction which will enable you to connect (to self) on a deeper level so that you can allow your Voice to sound freely and authentically. Singing mantras will also be a part of our journey.

How to prepare?
- Eat lightly prior to workshop
- Wear comfortable clothes
- Bring a curious mind and an open heart
- Set an intention

Surya Dvorakova
Voice Activation

3 words that describe me
Truth | Power | Connection Motto Our Voice is our Power

Why I teach
Nothing excites me more than to witness others awaken and remember their true magnificence and power!

Secret Super Skill
I am a magician in the kitchen. Once you taste my plant based creations, you are forever bewitched

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