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Systemic Dance

Feadan McCall

This session delves into the origins and destinations of movement and is inviting participants to explore how to stay present with the motions that arise.

Systemic constellation work is therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger that explores the hidden dynamics within family systems and other groups. By creating a physical representation of these systems, participants can gain insight into relational patterns and unresolved issues that may be affecting their lives.

Systemic Dance is an integrative approach combining systemic work together with movement and dance to conduct a profound investigation of your self, unveiling the different inner dynamics - and so the inner dances of your life.

Systemic dance makes visible both the structure and the quality of feeling in a (stuck) system. Yet it can also reveal the source of creativity and the potential for moving towards healthy and innovative possibilities.

We do this by using certain questions that arise in the group and through different exercises, embodying feelings of different aspects though movement and sculptures, to uncover underlying rhythms and patterns.

It can be seen as a therapeutic as also creative approach to discover the flow of your movements, uncover blocks and from there rewriting patterns, making true moves. Engage in a transformative experience that blends introspection with physical expression, leading to personal insights and energetic releases.

Feadan McCall
Systemic Dance

Feadan McCall is an Dutch-Scottisch choreographer, dancer and educator, working for theater (ao Danstheater AYA & ISH), film (ao KeplerFilm), and music (ao Nederlands Blazers Ensemble / Slagwerk DenHaag / Merol / Dogman/ Unorthadox & Friends).
She is co-founder of Dynamic Resonance - a place where people can do a systemic dive into their personal life through movement and dance - and the co-founder of the Energy Movement, a place where people can deepen their own authentic dance language through skill, musicality and feeling.
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