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Gong Fu Movement

Dan Mihai Radulescu

Gong Fu or Kung Fu, literally translated as ''man in labor'', is used to describe high skill in any form. From the calligrapher to the farmer anyone can have good Gong fu as long as there is strong will and dedication.

During this class, we will explore the various movement tools derived from Traditional Shaolin Gong fu and modern Wushu Practices. Bringing these forms of Chinese martial arts forward through the free and elaborate structure of dance.

After a gentle warmup, we will delve into principles of our breath, emphasizing grounding our roots, and engage in improvisation and set movement material.

Dance aims for softer physicality, making movements more available to change and allowing a broader range of movement qualities, using as little effort as possible. Gong fu facilitates the body in finding movement efficiency through repetition, strengthening the body where needed.''

This is a space where both worlds meet.

Dan Mihai Radulescu
Gong Fu Movement

From a young age, my movement journey started with exploring the world of martial arts with an emphasis on Chinese martial arts. In 2010 I followed my first lesson in Shaolin Gong fu which quickly led to my first national Gong Fu competition in The Netherlands, earning my first gold medal.

As my martial arts career kept expanding, I developed a profound interest in dance and the freedom of movement expression. This brought me to the alternative path of being a dancer. I started my artistic journey studying at Nova College Performing Arts, followed by a Bachelor's degree in Modern Theatre and Dance at the Amsterdam University of arts. At the university, I was faced with various challenges and findings as I still kept my martial arts career intact. While practicing both disciplines intensively, I found them bleeding together, benefitting both my dance and my career in martial arts, forming a seed that led to developing my own movement practice and identity.

Nowadays, I am travelling around the world, working with various dance companies and institutions while competing internationally as a professional wushu athlete and studying in places like the Shaolin temple and Shanghai University of Sports.

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