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Embodied Harmonics

Daniela Mandala

The Art of Self-Attunement

Join us for this eye-opening workshop, where Daniela shares the essentials of her SoHA Method. This method integrates cutting-edge research on fascia and personalized movement techniques, perfect for yogis, teachers, and movers aiming to deepen their practice and explore new creative sequencing styles.

In this workshop, you'll learn about fascia health and techniques to create freedom in your tissues. You'll receive essential guidelines for adaptable, balanced movement practices and methods to regulate your nervous system and optimize breathing.

Key topics include creating personalized yoga sequences, avoiding common movement mistakes, and maintaining physical and mental health with evidence-based self-care routines. You'll also gain insights into the scientific foundations of yoga and effective breathing exercises for stress management.

In addition you will experience a unique embodied practice designed to enhance fascia health, culminating in a relaxing Savasana with live music meditation.

The workshop structure includes a 1.15-hour lecture on fascia health and personalized practice guidelines, followed by a 1.5-hour embodiment practice. You'll apply the SoHA Method with Krama yoga sequences to promote health, balance, and a holistic lifestyle.

Daniela Mandala
Embodied Harmonics

More than 24 years experience in the yoga and healing worlds. Senior experience in natural medicine, yoga, and the healing arts. Devoted to service offering the fusion of the vedic traditions with the latest research in human health, science, and body technology. Her work as a yoga trainer inspires profound inner growth through self-optimization, the healing arts, yoga, and movement mastery.

Well known for holding “Top leading yoga trainings in Bali" her teachings ripple across the global grid. Currently offering In-person and online programs, workshops, mentoring, and conferences around the world.

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