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Conscious Connected Breathwork

Livia Benders

Join us for a Conscious Connected Breathwork session. This immersive
session is designed to guide you through the healing power of your own
breath, unlocking deep physical, emotional and tension release. This
breathing technique activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
In this session, you will:
 Learn the Technique: Become familiar with the method of conscious
connected breathing, a powerful technique that promotes profound
relaxation and self-awareness.

 Release Tension: Experience the release of physical and emotional
stress, leaving you with a sense of clarity and calm.

 Integrate Emotions: Gently explore and integrate emotions, allowing for
healing and emotional balance.
 Connect Within: Deepen your connection to yourself, exploring your
inner landscape and gaining insights.
Whether you are new to breathwork or looking to deepen your practice, this
session offers a supportive environment to explore the depths of your breath.

Please note: this breathing technique is not suitable if you are pregnant, have
a history of psychosis or suffer from severe psychiatric conditions.

Livia Benders
Conscious Connected Breathwork

Livia is on a mission to facilitate inner knowing and deep connection within and without. At the age of 20 her yoga mat became her home. After almost 15 years of practice, she remains a forever student of yoga.

Livia got certified to share her love for yoga in 2020. In the four years that followed she’s been teaching vigorous Vinyasa flows and restorative Yin yoga classes online, at the beach, Studio Bondi and Inner Embassy. In 2021 she founded Flow Home Retreats and began facilitating holistic retreats in both Tuscany and Bali.

Over the years she became more and more fascinated by the healing power of the breath, which led her to get trained as a Conscious Connected Breathworker in 2023. Since then, she’s been guiding breathwork circles and offering private breathwork sessions.

Recently she bought One Day Retreats, a platform offering One Day Retreats by high-quality teachers and custom One Day Retreats for businesses and organisations.

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