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FREE - Opening Ceremony

Tribes Teacher | Willemieke Verweij

Join our opening ceremony with Willemieke the creator of MOVEFEST. During this opening session Willemieke will guide you through a gentle awakening through breathwork & natural movement. Let yourself open up to what it is that you would like to explore, manifest and foster for this special day. The opening ceremony is an invitation to connect to yourself and to those you are sharing this day with - honouring that MoveFest is first and foremost a celebration of movement and connection in its broadest sense!

Willemieke Verweij
FREE - Opening Ceremony

True connective movement cannot be set apart from the exact moment the movement is made and all that is present within that moment. All that the dancer or yogi feels, experiences, and ultimately expresses. Without the embodiment, and on a deeper level, the ensoulment of the movement, the movement becomes mechanic, an empty shell. This basic principle applies to all movement types. To me, this training has all the ingredients for an ever-changing and ever-interesting practice in which not only form is important, but also a deeper level of expression and self-development.

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